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Rambler Mental Health is not presently enrolled in any insurance networks.   Payments for services are due at the time of service.   

We will happily submit paperwork and your receipt for payment, to your healthcare insurance carrier, against your out of network benefit.   Please contact your insurance carrier for information about your out of network benefits.

All payments and co-payments are due when services are rendered (prior to the start of service for telehealth).

Payments and Co-payments can be paid through secure credit card processing in our patient portal.  

If we do not accept your insurance for payment, Rambler Mental Health requires payment in full at the time of services (prior to the start of service for telehealth).  

Rambler Mental Health can submit the receipt for you payment, on your behalf, to your health insurance carrier to be applied toward your out of network benefit.  

Out of network benefits vary significantly by health plan.   You will need to contact your health insurance carrier to discuss reimbursement, against your out of network benefits, for services paid to Rambler Mental Health.   

Please contact our office for the most up to date fee information. 

In general, Rambler Mental Health currently charges the following fees for these common services:

Intake Assessment (telehealth): $120/session

Individual Therapy (Telehealth): $120/session

Family Therapy (Telehealth): $120/session

Group Therapy (Telehealth): $65/session

All session are 45-55 minutes in length.   In special circumstances, Rambler Mental Health does offer a sliding scale fee schedule.   

Fees for ancillary services are punctuated in our fee agreement and financial policy.

To setup services for yourself, please visit our patient portal. You may request access to our patient portal and/or schedule an appointment by clicking here.

At Rambler Mental Health, our assessment can include: information gathered from interviews, questionnaires, medical histories, and a full psychosocial assessment.  

The psychosocial assessment includes the mental and social factors in a person’s life and the impact these relationships have on functioning.  These factors include: relationships, education, age, and employment.

If you, or a loved one, is suicidal, please contact 911 immediately.   Rambler Mental Health does not offer emergency services.

Millions of Americans are affected by mental illness. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 5 adults in America experience mental illness each year, and 1 in 5 children ages 13–18 have, or will develop a serious mental illness.

At Rambler Mental Health we will work with you to determine the best course of treatment for you.    

Rambler Mental Health believes in an “if not us than whom” philosophy.  If, for some reason, we are not able to treat someone we always provide referrals to alternative services.   

For a general list of issues we treat, please click here 

We offer 15-minute free consultations at Rambler Mental Health.   

In this consultation you will have a Zoom for Healthcare meeting with a licensed therapist to discuss your treatment needs and to determine if Rambler is a good fit for your mental health needs.

To begin the scheduling process for your 15-minute consultation, please click here >>>