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Ethics and whistleblowing in Healthcare

Presenter:  Kyle J. Gilrain MS, LCSW


Program Overview

Program information

Program Date:  December 8, 2021

Program Time:  9am-3:30pm (EST)

CE Credits:  5 (Clinical and Ethics)

Cost: $85

CE Approval organizations

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All program attendees are responsible for understanding the CE requirements, and approval entities, associated with their individual professional boards/licensing entities.  

Program Description

This workshop will emphasize the intersection between ethics, law, and whistleblowing as mechanisms for accountability in healthcare organizations.   Learners will be able to identify that ethics are not just theoretic postulations and will be able relate theory and ethics to praxis, regulation, and law.

For the ethics portion of this webinar, learners will be provided case studies to emphasize the real consequence of ethics and theory as these concepts relate to everyday practice.  Participants will learn mechanisms of accountability to healthcare practioners.  Participants will be presented with best practice models that encompass the fiduciary responsibilities of the healthcare practitioner in providing the most efficacious care to patients. 

Moreover, in the whistleblowing section of this webinar, the practitioner will learn the consequences to both self and patient when determining if they should blow the whistle on wrongdoing.   The practitioner will also learn best practice models of whistleblowing.         

The webinar will feature real case studies in which violations of ethics have occurred.   Additionally, learners will be presented with quantitative and qualitative research that has an emphasis on both ethics and whistleblowing.

This program, Ethics and Whistleblowing in Healthcare,  is co-sponsored by CE-Go.   Additionally, Rambler Mental Health utilizes CE-Go to manage our CE events.   This management includes post-survey of event and CE certificates.   Upon completion of our webinars, attendees will be able to complete post-event surveys and access their certificates, at any time, through their CE-G0 dashboard.

Ethics and Whistleblowing in Healthcare