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Continuing Education and Training

Rambler Mental Health offers continuing education and training for health practioners. Check back frequently for our offerings. Sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date with all of our programs and offerings.

Whistleblowing in healthcare

Whistleblowing in healthcare is a 2.5 (clinical or ethics) CE event.  The workshop will provide healthcare practitioners an understanding of the importance of whistleblowing, as well as, a basic understanding of the whistleblowing process and the impact whistleblowing has on self and client.  READ MORE >>>


Ethics In Healthcare

Ethics in healthcare is a 2.5 (clinical or ethics) CE event.  The workshop will provide healthcare practitioners an understanding of the various healthcare codes of ethics.  Ethics in Healthcare is a 2.5 (clinical or ethics) CE event.  The workshop will provide healthcare practitioners an understanding of the importance of whistleblowing.

More info coming soon

Ethics and Whistleblowing

Ethics and Whistleblowing in Healthcare is a 5 CE (ethics).  This workshop will emphasize the intersection between ethics, law, and whistleblowing as mechanisms for accountability in healthcare organizations. 

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Flexible and convenient

Continuing education at Rambler Mental Health is both flexible and convenient. We offer programs with varied times and dates to meet the demands of your busy schedule.

Low cost

Rambler Mental Health offers low cost continuing education programs that suit ever budget.

Flexible platforms

Just like our Cyber Therapy and online counseling services, our educational programs are offered through Zoom for Healthcare. This HIPAA compliant platform is secure and easy to use.

Easy to use interface

Rambler Mental Health educational programs are offered through Zoom for Healthcare.

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CE Event Policies

CE Approval Organizations vary by presentation and presenter.    Approvals are specific to event and listed with the description of each individual event.

All program attendees are responsible for understanding the CE requirements, and approval entities, associated with their individual professional boards/licensing entities

If you have a grievance about any of our CE events, please contact us at

If you are not satisfied with the responses you have received about your concerns, you may contact the CEO of Rambler Healthcare with your grievance here:

CE events designated as webinar events are done through Zoom (webinar).  Please be sure that your system meets the Zoom System Requirements.

If your system does not meet the Zoom System Requirements, you will be unable to participate in our webinar programs.  It is the responsibility of the registrant to confirm system requirements and test their computers prior to the start of each webinar.

Rambler Mental Health recommends each participant take the following steps to ensure the best user experience for our webinars.

  • Be sure that all zoom software on your system is up to date prior to the webinar.  To accomplish this, login prior to the webinar to check this and update your software if necessary.
  • Join the webinar early to check that your speakers are working properly and are turned on.

Recording of webinars is prohibited.   Please respect our policy on recording and reproducing our programs.  No CE credits will be offered for recorded programs.

Rambler now (since September 2021) utilizes CE-Go for the management of all our CE attendance rosters, evaluations, and certificates.  

The use of CE-Go automates our post-event survey process and enables our attendees to access their CE Certificates (in pdf format) after the event.  If a user misplaces their certificate, they can access it at any time through their CE-Go user dashboard. 

Refunds may be requested up to 48 hours prior to the start of a CE Event.

Refunds must be requested by email to

Rambler Mental Health complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements in an effort to accommodate people with disabilities.

If you have any special needs, please contact us prior to the start of the CE event so that we can best assist you.   Please contact us at

Participants must attend the full duration of an event or webinar to receive credit.   No partial CE credit will be given for partial attendance.   

For in-person events, Rambler will maintain a sign-in sheet that includes event details, and the participants names and signatures.   You must be on the sign in sheet and remain for the full event to receive credit.

For webinar events, participants must remain logged in for the full event.   Zoom provides presenters with both the attendance and specific length of time each participant is logged into the webinar.   You must be logged into the full webinar to receive credit.  No partial credit is given.   

Severe weather can sometimes impact CE events.    All of our communication regarding webinars and severe weather will come via email from:


It may become necessary to move in-person events to webinar (Zoom) events if weather presents a risk to safety of participants traveling to an area of an in-person event.   This change will be communicated the day before an event, or sooner, whenever possible.


At times, severe weather impacts internet connectivity for webinars.   

If you experience brief interruptions in connectivity, please log back in to the webinar as soon as possible.   Zoom recognizes when you log back in and tracks that time as well.  If you are forced to login through a different method, please be sure that you let us know the alternative method.   For example, if you were logged in on your computer and lost connectivity and promptly rejoined on your phone, this is reflected on the Zoom attendance, but we need to know both logins are you.  If you are forced to login by phone we will need to ensure your phone number is on file and connected to your name and login details.

If the presenter loses connectivity during the webinar the presenter will make every effort to log back in within 15 minutes and/or communicate a plan to continue via email from: